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Performed by: Asperger's Are Us
Year: 2010-2018

"10-Second Podcasts: Because who has the attention span to listen to anything longer? Asperger's Are Us is the first comedy troupe composed of people diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. We've performed over 150 original absurdist sketch shows in 10 countries since 2010. We do not poke fun at (or mention) Asperger's and we did not form to prove that autistic people can be funny. We formed for the same reason anyone does comedy: To make you laugh!"

Though always seen to be related, Asperger's Syndrome has since been classified as part of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I included this 10 second podcast episode because I think that a deadpan is not only in the delivery or performance of the media but can also be in the form. The joke is that a podcast tends to run maybe an hour, but they have shortened the format to something more manageable. Autistic people are always innovating!